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What is Year Round Maintenance?

With year round maintenance, we’ll come to your home on a regular basis to keep your lawn and landscape neat and tidy. Here’s a breakdown of our Year Round Maintenance plan:

Frequency of visits

  • We’ll come to your property every week during the growing season to take care of your lawn.
  • If you don’t have a lawn, we’ll take care of your landscape on a semi-monthly basis.
  • We have three levels of service:
  1. Essential Care: Includes weekly mows, semi-monthly lawn edging, and a lawn fertilization program for those with lawns. And we’ll also prune your bushes and trees during the winter.    To reduce your costs, we won’t blow off all of your hard surfaces with each visit.
  1. Standard Care:Includes weekly mows, semi-monthly lawn edging, a lawn fertilization program, shrub bed cleanup, weed control, fall leaf clean up, and winter pruning.
  1. Premium Care:Includes all of the above services along with tree and shrub fertilization, summer pruning, hedge shearing, perennial maintenance, and sprinkler start up and            winterization.
  • Each time we visit your property, we’ll blow off all hard surfaces as needed. The frequency of our blow off surface services depends on which care package you choose. Yet, when we make a mess, we’ll clean it up—no matter what package you have. Included  0 Optional


Snow Removal

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Power Washing